COSMETALOGY is a premium hair care brand utilizing a blend of indigenous herbs, oils and specialist ingredients to solve everyday hair problems of the average Nigerian.

At Cosmetalogy, we are passionate about creating a premium yet affordable 100% Nigerian owned brand, addressing the needs of Natural and Relaxed Nigerian hair types that directly competes with well-known imported hair care brands.

Each product is handmade using the finest raw materials sourced within Nigeria and all over the world, each of the selected Ingredients have been scientifically proven to revive and nourish our Textured Hair.

We are committed to sourcing premium quality organic and completely biodegradable ingredients, which are free of Parabens, Sulphates and other unnecessary additives.

All our products are gentle enough for use on Children.

Our Belief is that black hair grows, if pampered with the right product and styling techniques.

***Discover your path to healthy hair